Monday, April 18, 2011

it's been awhile

Assalamualaikum dear beautiful hearts,

Its been a while since I last blog.
Quite a few reasons why.
But I am Alhamdulillah fine.

Just to have a quick and short update here.

I went for an interview just now.
It went well.
To get the job or not is not the issue to me.
As long I know I did my best, and it went well.
It was my first interview!
First experience.
Again, Alhamdulillah.

I can't help but having this feeling of 'wish you were here'.
Just to share.
Just to laugh about it.
But yeah, life goes on.

To my dear one and only one WMAM,
You are not there in presence,
But I know you are with me.
Your confidence,
Your beliefs,
Your encouraging words,
oh and you superb resume that I made them mine. He He
I bring them all with me.
With me.

Thank you my dear,
Thank you for always been there for me, and still here with me.

Nothing more that I can do to thank you
Al Fatihah
Al Fatihah
Al Fatihah.



Izyan Hanis said...

as salam alaik

it's have been a long time eh?
since the last day we met.

miss you and others member of the family

it have been almost a month kcik kat egypt
and everything doesnt goes as i had planned.
and it's STRESSFUL :(

tapi ape yg menggembirakan,
i dream of him one nite *few days ago*
and kcik cerita evrything overwhelm me and he keeps on nodding
*which i never done it before when he's alive *.*

i dont know whether he came to visit me as he knows i need someone to talk with
or i just miss him.

but, neither one the reason is.
im glad. :))

mari mulakan hidup baru
mungkin itu yg dia mahukan dr kita

kawan kc slalu cakap ;
urusan dia dgn Allah dah selesai.
urusan kita mcm mane pula

semoga kita smua menjadi hamba Allah yg lebih baek dari semasa ke semasa :)) InsyaAllah

btw. congrats for the interview. :))

Hafiz Atan said...


sabrina.h said...

al-fatihah to my dearest friend WMAM..sedih bc entry anis yg nie :'(