Saturday, February 19, 2011

.mana mungkin sunyi.

Mana mungkin sunyi itu membingitkan telinga.
menghimpitkan rasa.

Mana mungkin,
sunyi itu menyakitkan.

Bukan kah sunyi itu tiada ber bunyi, tiada erti.


Mungkin bukan sunyi,
mungkin sepi, yang menyakitkan

Bagai lorong lurus, pantas dibentangkan.
Pengakhir jalannya nun jauh, tak ternampak kan.

Kiri kanan, gelap kepekatan,
tebal, gentar, menggusarkan.

Apa menanti perjalanan masih, tidak ketahuan.

Tangan tak bisa lagi dipimpinkan,
Langkah tiada lagi yang mengaturkan.

kaki harus, terus melangkahkan


Bisa mungkin,
Benar, mungkin,
Bukan sunyi,
Sepi itu, yang menyakitkan

Friday, February 18, 2011

I saw a girl, so happy.

Yesterday afternoon on my way to school, I saw a girl.
Walking down the street, smiling.
Immediately, I looked to check at the end of the road.
Someone special must be waiting to fetch her.
Her boyfriend might be waiting.
Or her parents.
Or her friends.
Nobody was waiting for her.
No one.

So I wonder, what makes her looks so cheerful.
Walking so happily, almost skipping her way down.

I wonder if she received a good news.
Or had she had a good delicious lunch cooked by her mother?

I wonder, what makes her happy?

What makes us happy, you wonder?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

it's not the rain, its our mistake.

6.16 PM.

it's raining heavily now and I'm loving the heavy rain.

when you're sad,
its almost as if the clouds are pouring down its tears, with you.
drown together in sadness with the sound of the rain drops hitting the ground.
at the same time washing away all the sorrow inside your heart.
relief. aren't you?

when you're happy
the pouring rain is cheering with you,
celebrating and counting your blessings given to you.
laughing together, making all sorts of joyful noise.
brighter, you are.

But today, something happened and it scratches the beauty of my rainy day.

Earlier before I write this, I was called by 3 boys from the form 2 class for a 'relief' class.
And so I went.
But when I was there, turned out it's another teacher's relief class. Not me.
So there we are, 3 teachers now in front of the classroom.
Puan S, Puan R and ehemmm Miss A of course.
As I was about to leave, a student come to the front and politely voiced out ;
' Cikgu S, teacher Anis jaga kelas kita sekali boleh ke?'
Puan S replied ;
' Awak pergi duduk sekarang !!!!! awak cikgu ke saya cikgu??!! jangan sibuk!!!!!!!' (I can't put anough !!!!! to picture to you how loud and rude the teacher is) her hand in the air as if she's to slap that pity boy.

I was shocked.

The boy is shocked.
Embarass to the whole class of course.
Mad. I can see form his face.
I look at the boy, giving a look that I understand him.

But how do I give a look that I feel disgusted towards the teacher?

I went to the class before.
I knew that boy.
Me and Praba agreed that the boy is a good and polite boy.
Never fails to smile and say hi to us when he walks passed us.
Trying his best to reply me in english whenever I speak to him.
Not a bright boy, yes.
Not a rich boy, yes.
But a polite boy, definitely yes.

So why did the teacher treated him that way?

My judgement is,
the teacher is bias. she is unfair.
the teacher is racist. she is mean.
the teacher generalize. she is stupid.

Didn't she realize she makes a mistake?
Didn't she realize she's giving a bad example to the student?

Treat others like how we want to be treated.

Soon, when the student treat you and your own race rude, you should know he learned from you.
A good and proud teacher, aren't you at that time?

This might be one full of emotions post, but I just can't compromise those that jeopardize their responisibility. Especially teachers.
We are one of those that hold most powers to 'coloring' and creating their future. Aren't we?
What if the student is our brother? our sister? our child?

Friday, February 4, 2011

This is Asma' Story. Part 1.

Remember how much you loved you first bicycle?
How you would stumble and fell and hurt yourself trying day and night to be able to ride it smooth?
and when you did, aren't you like on the top of the world?
you and your bike exploring and enjoying those roads together. like never before.
A special relationship there you have with your bike.
The first one.
Like first love.
Asma' had her first bike too.
Like any other kids, she loves her bike.
Like any other kids, she thinks she had the best bike. Ever.

But one fine day, as she was about to go and play with her bike,
someone took it away. Her precious bike.
Not giving Asma' any warning,
Not giving Asma' any sign,
the person took it.

She cries.

She thought.
At first.

But then again, after some time,
she remembered.
The bike was given to her by that person for her to learn how to ride a bike.
Now that she knows how to ride
and while she enjoys the ride,
she forgot.
That the bike is not hers.
That one day she will have to return the bike back to the owner.
So the day has come.
So the owner has taken back the bike.

Asma' is sad.
But it's just fair.

although it is hard,
Asma' is thankful for that person has lent her such great bike.
The lesson and journey she had with the bike.
Is priceless.

Asma' will be thankful for that person has taken back the bike.
She just knows.
She just need to have the faith.

For now,
Asma's is walking.
Trying to strengthen her steps,
for her,
has not walk for quite sometimes.

Let's pray for Asma.
That she'll be strong.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


this post is valid for now. and now only.

now ;

1. You can't choose your family, but you can choose to block and delete and unfollow.

2. I believe this more than ever that money is the root of all evil. And add anger to that, you'll get bapak evil.
    But yet we need money, yet we get angry.

3. A man full of patience, is a winner. Big time.

4. It takes a hell lot more than just what you did to take me down, to make me sad.
    I have a strong heart. Remember?

5. Am I too much like you that you find I am such a pain in the ass? Your bad than.

6. Respect? Out the window. Love? down the drain.

Remember Me

I came across my friend's blog.
Written by him a beautiful poem.
Too beautiful to not be shared.

Good job Adi.

Remember Me

This goes out to those we lost
Thought we're apart
You shall be in our hearts
Nor time or death will brake us apart

To the living, I’m gone
To the sorrowful, I will never return
To the happy, I’m at peace
To the faithful, I have never left

I can not speak, but I can listen
I can not be seen, but can be heard
So as you stand upon a shore gazing at a beautiful sea
As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity
Remember me

Remember me in your heart
Your thoughts and your memories
Of the times we loved
The times we cried
The times we fought
The times we laughed
For if you always think of me, I will never have gone

Thought you have left
You will always be right in my heart