Monday, January 31, 2011


.needs a getaway.

Anyone with super extra money and didn't know what to do with the money?
I'll be more than grateful to help you spend.

Thank you in advance.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

.for life, is not ours.

Orang kata," Dengan kesenangan dan ketawa kegembiraan itu datangnya ujian dan dugaan.
Dengan kesusahan dan tangisan kedukaan itu datangnya hikmah dan kebahagiaan".

I am thankful for my world.
To be able to live healthily,
To just breath and sleep and eat.
To have my parents and siblings still with me,
and to know I always have my friends with me.

I dare not say it's perfect, but I am grateful to just have.

I experienced lost. Great lost I must say.
With that, I learned a lot.
To always be thankful.
To always be ready.
That everything and everyone that we think belong to us, is not ours.
To be prepared that in any second and anyway, if its written that its not ours,
then we have to let go.
Back to where they belong.

It is not easy.
It is painful.
and Yes,
life still goes on.

With that said,
I just want to say
yes Dear,
Life is not all pretty and awesome.
Life is not all laughter and happiness.
Real life is everything.
With sadness comes smiles.
With laughter comes tears.
In between we are happy, in between we are hurt.
In between we are mad, in between we fight.
Some lose and learn. And win.
Some just lost.

Okay, my point is you don't go brag all over every social network you have that your life is super duper great.
Every single day.
Every single thing.
Aren't you tired?
We are all tired.
Tired of laughing our ass off.
Because we know, real life isn't like what you brag.
We are living to. Remember?

So it's okay if you take some time off bragging that is almost 'riak' and 'takabbur'.
Back down to earth.
Because I'm afraid if once, you fall, it is going to hurt.

I'm not sure if I care, but deep inside I hope one day you'll realize.
For the sake of life here now, and hereafter.
A reminder to my self as well.

On Repeat

Saturday, January 29, 2011

ini rindu

Ini Reyna.

Ini Lisa
They are my housemates in BB.
I miss them.

I miss us in BB.
I miss us when we are out of BB.

I miss our fufu session.
I miss our 'eating' session.

I miss our house and everything that happened inside the house.


Girls, harus jumpa after CNY okay.

When Skool is quite Kool

This is during Majlis Perpisahan Puan Pengetua.  *Muzik latar, lagu Maher Zain ye.kasi touching lebey*

This is PJ class. I just under the tree. Ha ha. Dulu dan kini memang tak suke PJ.

Sempat pose ye dik

The two of the most bising and participative in class. 1 Delima students'

The homework. I ask them to make birthday card. This one got a star from me.

This picture is a winner. Because before the 'birthday card making' session, they were fighting! Now so happy and enjoying the work. I'm a happy teacher!

Shamuga. He's my first star from 1 Delima. So playful yet so hardworking and dedicated when it comes to finishing his work.

Ini Sir.Praba yang disayangi semua.

Ini teacher Anis. Satu, tidak di rotate dan kecik sahaja sebab gambar geli. Heh.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

.A sister so special.

Wan Izyan Hanis.
A girl, a daughter, a sister, a friend, I call, Kak Chik.

My dear,
Happy 20th birthday.

Setelah kisah 24 September kita tempuh bersama. Biar tidak sama rasa, tidak sama sakit dan pedihnya, tidak sama keadaan dan situasi kita harungi, tapi sayang kita pada orang yang sama. Dan dugaan ini kita tau dari pencipta kita yang sama, yang satu, Yang Esa.

Segala madah telah kita baca. Segala kekuatan telah kita kumpul agar kita dapat terus berdiri, masih berdiri di sini. Di saat ini.

Itulah kehidupan.
Sakit, perit, tapi masa tetap berlalu pantas.

Semoga dengan kekuatan dan ketabahan kak chik, dapat kak chik teruskan kehidupan dengan lebih cekal di sana. Doa kami di sini sentiasa mengiringi Kak Chik.

Salam sayang,
Kak Anis.

Out Of Nowhere

I did something stupid. So stupid.
I'd happily slap my face.

I prepared a metaphor I'll share with you.

Here goes :

I have a very good salesman coming to me asking me about some products. Not even his actually. But he's kind enough to help and promote the products to me. Maybe I seem like in need of that kind of products. Well I had my share with the products but they really aren't what I actually need. I must say not my likings. So I said no.
BUT this 'clever' mind of mine, blurted out and say 'I like you' to the salesman. *doubleuteef* of me. Thank you.
Now I bet the salesman won't promote any kind of products to me anymore (which is good)
Now I am so malu with myself. I wish the salesman lupa everything. Haha
You are still cute mr.salesman. But u gotta stop being a postman. You gotta deliver your own letter and products sometimes. You deserved a good consumer. A loyal one. :)

Important Note : This is just a long metaphor. Not a true story.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photopraphers that capture. Picture that speaks.

I believe a great picture speaks for itself.
But I wish to speak (write) for the man behind the great pictures.

Hafiz Atan and Azizi Lee were Phya & Pires, 1.1.11 wedding photographer. Being the maid of honor to the beautiful bride, I was at the wedding ceremony even before it started until it finally ends.
Which also mean I was there behind every scene of the ‘Photograph session’.

Being directly and indirectly involved with a lot of wedding (uncles, cousins, all sorts of relatives, neighbors, best friends, you name it…),
I’ve had my share with quite a number of Wedding Photographers.
I’ve seen how they worked and I’ve seen their work.

Hafiz Atan & Azizi Lee.

I would describe them both as ‘Having fun at work’. They enjoy their work much that I think they transferred their positives vibes and energy all around especially to the Bride & Groom. This is a good thing because when the ambience is positive, the Brides are happy, you’ll get happy and pretty pictures.

They are very good at what they do. Very simple and clear instructions are given; chin up, chin down, tengok atas, tutup mata, pusing kanan, pusing kiri…

They know what they want and so the B & G know what to do. I would describe them best as ‘Easy and Fun to work with’.

Another thing is, if you are a camera shy like me, you would want to hire them as your photographer. They are passionate, yet relaxed and at the same positively encouraging. Makes you feel confident to be captured as you believe they will capture your best and you picture will turn out good.

I also believe it’s important to have a certain amount of this kind of trust with your photographer especially your wedding photographer. Because at the end of the day, they weren’t just a photographer, they were friends as well.

I may be not the right person to talk about good pictures and I may not know all the technical stuffs about photography skills. But when I look at the picture and it speaks to you, gives you a certain feeling and you like it, that, to me is a good picture.

When the work is sincere, it shows.

Last but not least, to Hafiz Atan and Azizi Lee,
One word, Epic!

Yours truly,

Hari Kedua. Pengalaman Pertama

Wearing my mum's baju kurung and the watch given by my dad, I feel more confident as I bring along those elements of the 2 most important person in my life.

Without any perceptions and expectations, I went to the school yesterday.

It is known that Monday is Weekly Assembly Day.
So off me and Praba to the assembly place.

But today, its different.

Once, on this day, we'll be busy queing, being shouted at ' luruskan barisan, jangan bercakap, etc...'
But today, we are the one standing up on the stage looking down at the see of pupils doing what we used to.
Sitting up there with the rest of the teachers, I can't help but think ;
How's life is a cycle
How in times, things really change,
How fast it has changed.

(At the same time controlling ayu in case there are students like me before that love to check and gossip on our teachers' style -.-")

Call me patriotic, call me boring.
But when we were all standing to sing the Negaraku song, Selangor song, and 1 Malaysia song, a sudden urge hit me.
How I realized,
We are teachers now.
Innocent pupils ahead of us is OUR responsibility now.
It may be only 4 months or less but within that period, they are ours. Our students.
To be taught well.
To be guided right.
With 1Malaysia song still playing n sang by the students, I promise to myself, to take full responsibility with the title 'teacher' given to us.

To be sincere to our work.
To be true to our hearts.

Who ever loved assembly?? -.-
If you do,
You are either plan weird or you are one of those prefects that love scolding us when we talk while walking to the assembly AND during assembly. Heh.

On that day also, we were given a book, 'Buku Panduan Pengurusan Sekolah 2011'. Since we have nothing else better to do, we bore ourselves by checking all the organisation charts, school vision's, mission's, get it.

We also meet the Ketua Panitia of English subject. Glad that she's helpful. Showed us the English room for us to explore later.

Just a reminder, later when all of you undergo you ROS, you might want to tell the person in charge what they need to do and what we need to do. I think its provided. Mas and Mimiey had given the list to the Panitia. And please be friendly, it will help. although if you are a quiet person like me. In my case, it helps that Praba is very natural and friendly with the staff and teachers around doing his thang!.haha.

On the other note, I was so frustrated that the canteen close so early! Hungry teacher is a Grumpy teacher okay. Yea yea, i had my lunch but it's hard work being a teacher doing ROS -.-" Get hungry all the time.

Oh! and we get to eat inside! 'Tempat Makan Guru' I was so 'jakun'. I act like I'm so cool while walking and checkinh out the lauk pauk. But inside I AM so excited! Dulu masa sekolah tengok dari luar je. Wondering if makanan cikgu lagi sedap. Har Har okay I know simple things like that make me happy.

So I guess thats about it. My very first day.

6.45PM, loceng berbunyi,
Balik cepat-cepat,
Perut lapar, beli KFC,
Makan depan TV,
sambil tengok Tiramisu.

Sekian, Teacher Anis Day 1.